Imagine that you are asleep, and in one particular moment you sense smoke somewhere in your house. You awake by blaring smoke detectors and flames. The scariest part is that you will have less than two minutes to get out before the smoke enters the building and you suffocate.

Since there is a precious little time to act in this particular moment, it is essential to prepare yourself with fire safety and education that goes with it. Of course, we hope that this specific example won’t happen to you, but it is vital to know that it could.

According to statistics fire destroys almost half a million structures on an annual basis. Even if you have fire protection storage tank, you will still have to understand what should you do in case the worst happens.

So, we are here to present your guide that will help you prepare in case of emergency:


What to Do in a Fire?

  • Plan Escape Route – Emergency escape is crucial for most households and commercial buildings, and having the appropriate route will help you save more lives. It is essential to add it into your home, by drawing a map of your home that includes doors, windows, and hallways. You should also determine the primary emergency route and other side routes that you will have to follow in case that first one is blocked. Have in mind that when the actual fire happens, flames and smoke can make certain areas impassable, so you have to be a step ahead when you’re planning an escape. For example, if you have upper bedrooms, you have to find appropriate fire ladders that will help you escape with ease.
  • Have A Fire Drill – As soon as you create your escape plan, you have to make a fire drill so that you can check out all possibilities. Of course, you should be creative and try to use as many different scenarios that you can so that you can achieve better preparation. For the beginning, let everyone lie like they are asleep, and try to run away without affecting things around you. The next drills should be the ability to escape common areas such as living rooms and kitchens. At the same time, you should have in mind that smoke will reduce visibility, so it is better to complete a drill in complete darkness or with eyes closed. You should learn how to sense your surroundings, and you can do it by counting doors and touching instead of using sight. The more you practice, the more prepared you will be in the case that actual fire occurs. Check this website: to see what fire drill represents.
  • Extinguish If You Can – In case that you notice a fire in your household, the fire department will need some time to get there and to assist you. In some cases, you will be able to put the fire yourself, but it is difficult to say when is the best time to do it. You will require a fire extinguisher, but that could put out only small flames, so if you notice a spark that you cannot control, you should try to get away and avoid extinguishing it. You should follow your gut here, so if you notice too much smoke, it is way better to save people around you than your surroundings.
  • Beings First, Belongings Second – If the fire happens, you do not have to worry about your laptop, pc and other gadgets that you own, because the idea is to save your loved ones first because that is a logical thing to do. Some things are not replaceable, so you have to resist the urge of grabbing jewelry or laptop, and try to assist family members and get your pets first. While making fire drill, you can create a list that will provide you criterions of importance and what should you do in case of fire first. In fact that you have enough time to handle everything, you should gather valuable documents such as ID, passport and driver’s license, marriage or divorce certificates and photo albums. But still, if you can’t do not worry, because preserving life is much more important than getting belongings.

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