Generally, name tags plate or employee name tags are widely used on the bank desk and reception desk both in the hotel and office lobby, but remembering an informative message about the name or position of a person in the company is very important and can also make the work desk appear more neatly impact on professional level of a company or agency.


Given the importance of the item plates on the tables owned by corporate officers, banks, and government agencies, it is advisable to provide a number plate on each table.

Currently, the name of the nameplate glass badge is also widely used in various workbenches such as the director’s desk, ticketing table as certain information codes such as close or open and many other clues that are not related to the name or position of someone being used.

Can we imagine what if a medium or large company with clean air-conditioned rooms and has several staff desks but no signage on every table. The peculiarity will be felt by your client, who will eventually question the professionalism of your office.

The client view will be different if there is a nameplate on each table.


Board name plate employee, glass nameplate made to resist rust and his name is not easily damaged, besides the design and standard size, glass nameplate orders with custom design and size can be customized needs. Glass nameplate table name (name of acknowledgment on a table) usually used by the bank teller, customer service bank, office, reception desk, etc.